About The Blog

What evidence supports or refutes popular health trends? I’m here to lay out some of the whys of health trends and how these fads came about from a scientific perspective. I by no mean have all of the answers, nor does science! Not everything we do for our health and wellness needs to be supported by evidence. If something makes you feel better, happier, or healthier, and it isn’t harming you or anyone else, by all means, keep doing it.


I try my best to live a healthy life. But it’s really hard to even know what being healthy even means! So I surround myself with a community that also cares about health and wellness, including the social media accounts that I follow. I subscribe to the feeds of many women who have lifestyle, health and food accounts, and I  find inspiration from these strong, powerful women who encourage me to embrace a balanced approach to my health and wellness.

But these blogs and Instagram accounts endorse trends and products without providing evidence of their benefits, other than their own personal success. Whether it is a special tea that is going to boost your immune system, a “super food” that will fight cancer, or a ketogenic diet to increase brain clarity, scientific evidence is messy.  Here, I use my biology and biochemistry knowledge, my critical thinking and investigation skills, and my passion for learning to figure out why health fads come about, and the science (or lack thereof) behind them.



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