Anxiolytic Agent: A therapy or intervention (such as a drug) that inhibits anxiety

Cannabidiol (CBD): A molecule in the cannabis plant that does not make you high.

Cannabinoid Receptor 1: A protein receptor on lots of your neurons that, when activated, can cause a wide range of reactions depending on the cell that it is on.

Negative Allosteric Inhibitor: A drug or molecule that affects a receptor (or enzyme), but at a different site that the active site. (You can also just ignore this definition and keep reading—it’s not cruical to your understanding of CBD!)

Neuron: Brain cell that carries electrical impulses and is the basic unit of the nervous system.

Placebo:  Substance or treatment this no intended change in your body.

Psychoactive: Something that changes your perception, mood and consciousness.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): The molecule in the cannabis plant that has psychoactive effects (it makes you feel high).